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Vacuum Generator

Предмет №: IVX-H07-46J-DW-06
Vacuum Generators are widely used in industrial automation area.

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Vacuum Generators are widely used in industrial automation,machinery,electronics,medicine,packaging,printing,plastics,robotics and other fields.


Medium Compressed Air(Not Liquid)
Lubrication Accuracy 10μm
Working Pressure  0.3~0.5Mpa
Working Temperature 0~60℃
Working Vacuum 0~100Kpa
Voltage DC 24V
Applied Tubes PU.PA

As a means of archieving automation,it has been widely used in electronics,semiconductor component assembly,automative assembly,
automatic handling machinery,light industrial machinery,food machinery,medical machinery,printing machinery,plastic products machinery,
packaging machinery,forging machinery,robots.etc.
A vacuum generator is a new type of high-efficiency,clean,economical and compact vacuum component that uses a positive pressure source
to generate negative pressure.With the help of Vacuum Generator,it becomes easy and convenient to get negative pressures in conditions
with compressed air or in pneumatic systems which requires both positive and negative pressure.